The JCHA has amended Section 12.1: Eligibility and Continued Occupancy of its ACOP and added a section 12.13: “Over-Income Limit” which includes the regulations regarding Over-Income Tenants as mandated by Section 103 of HOTMA, including the imposition of an over-income limit in the program, all instances of when the two-year time frame begins, and notification requirements (Please see Attachment A: “ACOP Revision” for the additional language).

Additionally, the JCHA has amended its 2019 Annual Plan, Attachment C: HOPE VI, Mixed-Finance, Mod/Development, Rehabilitation/ Sustainability, Demo/Disposition, Conversions, Homeownership Programs, Project-Based Vouchers (B.2 of HUD FORM 50075-ST), Section 2: Mixed Finance and Modernization to include RAD specifications for 323 units (Please see Attachments D-I for site specifications). 

The JCHA conducted a meeting on January 8, 2019 with the Resident Advisory Board (RAB) constituted for the JCHA 2019 Agency Annual Plan amendment process and, at that meeting, provided information about and discussed the amendment to the 2019 Agency Annual Plan. The JCHA also provided notice informing the public that the information would be available for review and inspections during the public comment period and that a public hearing would take place on sites, on the JCHA website, and through notice in local newspapers. The JCHA provided a copy of the draft of the Significant Amendment to the Asset Managers and Resident Leadership at each site and on its website in preparation for the 45-day public comment period running from January 11 to February 26, 2019. The JCHA held two public hearings regarding the Significant Amendment to the JCHA 2019 Agency Annual Plan on February 26 and February 28, 2019. No comments and recommendations were provided by the RAB during the 45-day comment period or during the two public hearings.